Dianna Schwab, LaVale, found that All Superior Roofing was not
only the lowest bidder  for her residential job but the best
candidate as well. “We were looking to put on a new roof, so I got three
estimates. Then I checked the references,” she said.  All Superior
Roofing checked out on all fronts. “Talking with Mike, I felt he was very
thorough, and he gave us a really good idea on what we could expect. He
suspected some rotted wood around a bedroom window, below a flat spot on
our roof. And he was right--we needed to vent the roof and repair the
previous damage. Everything’s nice and dry now, and it’s nice looking.”
The other bonus, Schwab found, was that the All Superior Roofing team
worked neatly on her property. “When they were done, he had all the guys
go over and pick up all the scrap materials. He came personally to
inspect and had his men gather up any remaining debris. I was impressed
with that. I felt very secure working with All Superior Roofing. They
took good care of us; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

John Hutcherson, Cumberland, started renovation on his historic
home with the roof over the 4-car garage. Because of the size of the job,
he felt that the garage roof would be a good way to get started and test
the quality of a contractor’s work. “We went with Mike Sainz, All
Superior Roofing because he gave me a realistic quote, while some of
these other guys didn’t seem to know the work ahead of them.” Hutcherson
says someone had done a repair to the roof three years before and hacked
it up. “Mike told me right up front what needed to be replaced, and his
team stayed on the job until they got it done. I checked him out by
calling the references that Sainz supplied." And just like those
references, Hutcherson is now a ready testimony for the professionalism
Sainz and his team of workers displayed. Once the garage was done to
Hutcherson’s satisfaction, he called All Superior a year later to finish
the whole roof. “If we had to do it again tomorrow,” says Hutcherson,
“I’d call All Superior in a heartbeat.”

Stu Parks, Frostburg, purchased a home in Frostburg as an
investment and a residence for his college-age daughters. When he began
renovating, he called six roofing companies for quotes.  “All
Superior’s quote was by far the most professional.  I picked Mike
because he was responsive, and because of his guarantee. The roof was in
bad shape,” says Parks.  “It should have been replaced 10 years
ago.  Mike knew what needed to be done, and he priced it
accordingly.  There were no surprises.”  When Sainz scheduled
the work, Parks says he kept his word. “He told me right up front he
couldn’t get to it right away.”  But when All Superior scheduled the
job, they started it and stayed on it until it was finished. “I’m very
satisfied with the work,” Parks says. “He really did a nice job.”

Gary Green, in Frostburg: “There were special needs with the low pitch of my front porch roof,” says Green, “and the water damage inside was significant. Mike’s estimate was the lowest of all those who bid on the job, because the other vendors were intent on building up the pitch of the porch. Mike said we didn’t need to do that. "Even though Mike had to replace additional board feet, he still came in under any other quote from other vendors,” says Green. “Our house was cold and drafty and didn’t hold the heat. Now it’s warm and dry. This was the first winter when I didn’t have to bust my butt trying to keep the place warm. All Superior was the most professional group of people we’ve ever worked with. They came in and did the job without stopping. The guys were there the entire week. They even worked in the rain and extreme temperatures.”

Jim McKenzie, in Grantsville, is one satisfied customer. He found All Superior Roofing in the phone book, and compared his quote with two other bidders. “I chose him because I liked the way he talked,” says McKenzie, noting that Sainz was approachable and knowledgeable. “We were well pleased with the roof and have had no problems since All Superior installed it.”

James Schmidt of Frostburg owns an older home—a two-story Victorian, with a roof that had been on it for 20 years. “There were four dormers, angled steeply, with hidden valleys and all the flashing and shingles,” said Schmidt. “The roof was leaking badly in some places.”

When Sainz came, he and his crew found rotten boards beneath the old roof and had to replace a significant amount of wood. But now Schmidt’s home is safe and dry. “Mike’s crew did a first-rate job,” Schmidt reports, “and he gave me a break on the wood, given that he had to replace so much. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.”

H. Burt and Marianne Heister own a newer home near the Braddock campus of the Western Maryland Health System. Their skylights were leaking, and Heister happened to notice that All Superior was doing work for two of his neighbors. “When we were ready to address our own roof, I talked with one of Mike’s crew and asked for his number. Eventually, I also talked with my neighbors about their experience, and they said he was very, very good.”

Because Sainz specializes in the installation of Velux skylights, he was able to replace all six of the leaking skylights without incident. Since then, Heister says, there is no leaking, so there is “no question that I’m satisfied with his workmanship.”

“We discussed what to do with the gutters,” Heister continued. Sainz suggested the LeafDefier gutter system, another trusted line that All Superior installs. “It works great—it really blocks out leaves. With screens, you still have to clean the gutters, but not with this.

Heister can’t say enough about All Superior. “His estimate was consistent. He’s responsive and courteous, and he’s reliable to show up and get the job done.”

Thomas Schroyer of Grantsville first encountered the All Superior name on a sign promoting a new roof at a Frostburg home. Prompted by the leaks in his aging roof, Schroyer knew that he needed to replace it. “With my experience [in construction and development], I can pretty well tell what the end result is going to be when I’m talking with a contractor. I could tell that he could do the work that I needed, and as it turned out, he did.” His price was competitive, says Schroyer, and his work was excellent and finished in the time he specified.

“Recommend him? Sure I would,” he says.