General Info:

VELUX is a global company founded on
a vision of daylight, fresh air and quality
of life and these benefits are enjoyed in
millions of homes around the world.

Today, more than sixty years after the first
 VELUX roof window was installed in a
Danish school, our vision has evolved
but our values fundamentally remain as
lived and first expressed by our founder,
Villum Kann Rasmussen.



The VELUX story began in 1941 when Villum Kann Rasmussen first saw the opportunities for developing cheap, useful living space under the sloping roof. He developed the first roof window and thought up a name which is distinctive, easy to say and easy to remember.

Many developments in roof windows and skylights, flashings and decoration and sunscreening products have followed and we have taken our business to every market in the world were we could find sloping roofs.